Tubes rule! Now in stock - a selection of PrimaLuna vacuum tube amplifiers. Hear the special qualities of classic vacuum tube design. Beautifully built, PrimaLuna amplifiers are a visual as well as an auditory statement. As an introductory special we have a very limited quantity of the Prologue One amplifiers available at very special pricing - call today for details.

Acoustic Energy made a name for itself with professional quality compact loudspeakers, originally intended for studio monitoring. Many of their designs feature metal cone technology. In addition to those classic designs they now offer a range of mid priced models in a variety of sizes and finishes. Their tiny AEGO series satellite/subwoofer systems will amaze you. Arrange to hear a set soon - you will be impressed.
Arcam has a long history of designing better sounding, cleanly presented stereo equipment. Their amplifiers and CD players are regularly featured on the recommended component lists of the speciality audio magazines. More recently, they have established a reputation for genuinely high performance home theatre components with superbly designed DVD players, surround processors and receivers. Now they have extended their lineup to include the remarkable SOLO series of compact systems - true premium quality audio in compact, stylish form.
Cambridge Audio offers exceptional value for moderate money, allowing access to great sound at surprisingly affordable prices. From a beginning with amplifiers, they have expanded to offer a full component range, including affordable DVD players built with better audio quality in mind. The current line up is their most ambitious ever, reaching into higher price ranges with assured performance and value which is setting new standards. The build quality of Cambridge products is impressive, especially noteworthy in their modestly priced entry level units.
The iPod meets tubes - the Fatman family is one the most intriguing offerings to come along in quite a while. Slip your iPod into the elegant, retro styled dock of one of Fatmanís unique creations and let the funky warmth of tubes bring vitality to your tunes. The styling is stunning, the audio is startling. Enjoy.
Franceís premier speaker manufacturer is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of loudspeaker drivers. Unusually, most of Focalís extensive range of speakers is completely designed and built in-house in their advanced facilities in St. Etienne. This gives them full control over the entire process, and results in carefully optimized, fine sounding speakers. Focal also brings a fine sensibility to the visual design of their products from the innovative XS.2.1 multimedia speaker system to the cost no object Utopia series.
Grado has been making phono cartridges since the beginning of the vinyl record. Noted for both economical best buy and high end reference quality models, they continue to look after the needs of every level of vinyl enthusiast. They also make an extensive line of fine headphones, from the iPod-friendly iGrado to the professional series PS1000.
Kimber Kable is one of the pioneers of specialty audio wiring. They offer a comprehensive range of respected cables to ensure the best results in system connection. In the frequently confusing world of specialty cabling, Kimber has been a long term personal favorite of mine. Their entry level products can take your system to a new level for a modest investment, while their high end products offer state of the art performance.
ProAc is the quintessential specialty audio manufacturer - driven by the dedication of founder Stuart Tyler for many years, ProAc has evolved a series of premium speakers to offer exceptionally refined performance. The diminutive, exquisitely built Tablette has long been a favorite of music lovers - this speaker defies expectations for something so compact. Especially suited to natural sounding recordings, ProAc designs bring the music alive with truth to tonal and spatial character which must be experienced to be appreciated.
Rega started at the height of the vinyl LP era with a modestly priced turntable which delivered improved sound by rethinking the important design priorities. This established a new value benchmark and became a classic in the audiophile world. A similar, upgraded, model is still made and considered a best buy. Rega now offers a full range of turntables, as well as amplifiers, CD players and speakers. Offering complete systems from source to speakers makes them a rarity among specialty manufacturers. Continuing their defining approach, each product is designed with a fresh view of what is truly important. Rega products share a natural musicality which has won them many awards.
Parasound offers a complete range of high performance preamplifiers and power amplifiers. John Curl, one of the long term leading designers of audio amplification, is a key consultant on these products. Their stereo components have now been joined by multi-channel processors and amplifiers aimed at the high end home theatre market. The cosmetics of the premier Halo series are an elegant reflection of the quality contained within.
Good vinyl replay depends not only on a high quality, properly aligned turntable, arm and cartridge, but also on a critical bit of electronics - the phono preamplifier. This is the specialty of Graham Slee, who brings a background in broadcast audio to the challenge. These hand built pieces will surely enhance your enjoyment of music from LPís.
Danish manufacturer Ortofon is a leading manufacturer of phono cartridges. Well known for their high performance moving coil designs, they also feature a range of moderately priced moving magnet designs compatible with any good quality turntable. The recent 2M series has been the subject of many positive reviews since it was released.
Based in Vienna, Pro-Jectís products feature clean, functional design. Record players have been designed and built at their manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic for over fifty years. The current extensive range includes models to satisfy a wide range of users, beginning with the highly regarded Debut III. Pro-Ject also offers a line of compact electronic components, including innovative interfaces between computers and hi-fi systems. One of these USB connected devices allows upgraded replay of computer audio through any external audio system, while another converts LPs to digital audio.
PS Audio is one of the founding companies of specialty audio. Since the 1970ís they have been clearly focused on the innovative design of a small product range. Co- founder Paul McGowan is still a driving force behind the company. Today, a primary focus of PS Audio is power conditioning. They offer an extensive range of upgrade power cords (yes, they do make a difference!) and premium quality power connection and protection devices, together with amplification components. Their recently introduced Perfect Wave digital transport and digital to analog converter combine state of the art digital processing with new connectivity options for the computer age.
Golden Ear Technology is the latest venture from seasoned audio veterans Sandy Gross and Don Givogue. Their goal was to bring a new affordability to true high performance speakers. The Triton Two tower speakers, with their built-in 1200 watt subwoofers and high tech driver technology, meet that challenge. The line includes wall mountable speakers and powered subwoofers featuring the same advanced technology, and matching sleekly with the latest flat panel displays.
Attractive placement for a audio or video system complements both the room and the system components. BDI makes premium quality AV furniture in a wide range of styles and finishes. Models are available for audio and video systems, and come in both open style and enclosed designs..
Welcome the latest addition to the Paul Frecker Audio product range. Marantz is one of the oldest names in the audio industry - check out their current range of two channel components and AV receivers. The latest stereo amplifiers have built in phono stages for direct connection to high quality turntables; the AV receivers have all the latest features including Airplay and networking. All designed, of course, with an ear to sound quality in the Marantz tradition. ?
UK based Naim has always focused on the highest level of performance possible, with a minimalist approach to features. This is a taste of true high end sound, one of audio's finest brands.
In addition to the manufacturers I have profiled here, I offer items from a number of other companies including Harman/Kardon, Mission, Denon and Mitsubishi among others.

Available items include (call or e-mail for specific models numbers and information):

+ Floor standing speakers
+ Stand mount/bookshelf speakers
+ Speaker cable
+ Speaker stands

+ Amplifiers
+ Receivers
+ Preamplifiers
+ Power amplifiers

+ Surround receivers
+ Surround processors
+ Multi-channel power amplifiers
+ Projectors and screens
+ Surround speakers sets

+ Turntables
+ Arms
+ Cartridges
+ Styli
+ Phono preamplifiers
+ Record and stylus cleaners
+ Record sleeves
+ LP's

+ Docking stations
+ Amplified speaker systems

+ Headphones
+ Remote controls
+ Cables
+ Component stands

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